The next season is winter/spring  just over 16 weeks long and the membership fee for new members is $85.-  while only $75.- for returning memebers …The ultra-marathoners membership fee is $145.-

You have two ways to sign up. One is to press and follow one the links below and follow the prompts. The other is to show up in person and we can take care of it for you there. Then your off and ready!

So what is next? On opening day of the season,  we lead you through a pace assessment. The is a simple and short way to find the perfect pace group for you, so when you arrive for your first weekend group workout you can hit the ground running.

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Placement Assessment – Need to still complete one?

If you still are needing to do a pace run or walk, here are some easy directions to do it on your own. This is something that you could pass on to a friend that still wants to get started.

To do this exercise, you’ll need a digital watch with a timer – like a stopwatch – as one of the functions.  Okay, ready go:

    1. Find a place (track, trail, or known marked course, even surface) that has at least one measured mile (track 4 or 8 laps) you can easily calibrate from.

    2. Decide how far you want to run or walk. Choices: 1, or 2 miles.

    3. Start the pace run or walk and as you are doing it, the pace should be such that you can carry on a conversation with breathing in between words. Basically really easy!

 When you finish, record the following information:

    1. Your pulse rate immediately upon finishing. You can take your pulse for 15 seconds and then multiply by 4

    2. How many miles you traveled (1 or 2).

    3. How long it took in minutes and seconds

    4. Age

    5.  Then just email it in or bring it with you to the first group workout you come to.