Free Training Season cropWe offer various ultra and trail training program opportunities throughout the year, that give a solid team environment. Structure, skill-building clinics, and support to runners and walkers of all levels. These coached programs include individual instruction, group runs, custom training plans. They  run from 6-16 weeks long with most being geared towards a specific goal race, but no matter where we are in the season you can jump right in.  16-Week Ultra Training Program is $100.00 & 12-Week Trail Running Program is $65.00 First Season Free  More info & Sign Up Now! 

If you run with a group its almost guaranteed, you’ll become a better runner. Obviously you’ll need to continue to put in a lot of hard work, but the benefits of training in a group environment are huge! .Group runs are Saturdays and Wednesdays.


We educate our minds by going to class; hence, skill-building clinics such as form classes, core training and cadence. Essential building blocks to a well rounded healthy athlete. These evenings of physical education are usually held on Tuesdays.

We are all unique and can use some special attention. Haven’t found your goal race on our list or need your schedule to be tweaked. Just ask and we will work on an individualized program to fit you. Don’t forget inquire into race prep as its included with every plan.

Ultra and Trail Training Programs

Trails with us is a 6-week low intensity intro to trails. That means we teach you the basic. Like T4 awareness (Trail safety), where the trails are and trail run prep. This is a short fun session designed to get you started. From there you will have the tools to start some serious trail adventuring.

50k-50m Winter Ultra training session will guide you to the start line of your ultra. Focusing on healthy, safe and structured training. Saturday longs will all be on course, so there are fewer surprises on race day. Of course we reserve the right to do a surprise field trip to the WS Trail for some fun!

Really are you serious? Your first 100k or 100-mile adventure! Yes, we have a Ultra training session for you also. This is a two phase running plan that will start with solid base building. The part will include large amounts of core and weakness training. Second phase is time on tired legs!

Individual Seasoned Vet Training… You have been there and walk, run or crawled through your ultra-valleys. We work on your personal weak spot and help you become a more all-round athlete. Targeted strength training, dissecting your day to day recovery and personalized training plan.

Auburn Dam Overlook

Cavitt Junior High

Cool California

Foresthill CA

Various Training Venues That We Use