So you have taken the first step towards a better physical fitness level. If you thinking, how do you know that? You have obviously made a decision that you are not satisfied with your current fitness level, as you are here doing some Investigating. Seeing if this might be a way to advance towards your new goal. Awesome!


Getting Your Fitness On! 

So what’s your next action step? Every single member starts out exactly the same way. We do a fitness assessment to see where you are right now. This will involve a slow walk or run; basically, one where you can hold a conversation and not be out of breath. We help you check heart rate, pace and fatigue.




Then we create an activity plan for you, and incorporate group sessions to make things more fun while you are doing them. Lastly, we make a commitment. Notice I said we. That is right you have committing to do also. In order for this to work you are going to put in some action, perspiration and some calories.