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No money, no commitment, no sign-up forms. We know in the local area there are many choices to approaching your physical fitness; and, choosing the right group is an important step.
Why make a decision without all the facts first? “Come out and kick the tires”. Even if all you want to do is ask some questions. Take us for a two-week test drive and see what we offer. Then signup and become a member if you like.
Meet the mentors/members and see if there is a connection for you. Also see if The Running Group program and coaching are for you.
Step #1 You send us an email below that says you want to come out so we know to look for you. Step #2 We send you are next team workout and you just show up. If you know what your pace is great and if you need us to send you a self-pace assessment so that you can jump right in, we can do that too.
Come and get your healthy on,

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