Myrtl Routine Video and List

One of the best runner focus workouts! Here is the entire routine: Myrtl Routine 20 Seconds “Prone” Plank Belly button down 20 Seconds “Lateral” Plank 20 Seconds “Supine” Plank Belly button up 20 Seconds “Lateral” Plank 10x’s “Clams” Laying on your side, bend knees 90 degrees and open close, both sides 10x’s “Side Leg Lifts” […]


Vo2max or speed workout

Vo2max or speed workout VO2max and speed workouts are often a runner’s favorite training day because they’re finally allowed to run hard and push the limits. However, it’s still important for you to learn what these paces feel like so you don’t start a session of 12 x 400 meters too fast and are unable […]


Tempo the bread and butter run

Tempo or threshold run The tempo run is the bread and butter of most training schedules and running them at the correct effort is critical to extracting maximum benefit from the workout. From a pacing perspective, tempo runs are usually completed between 10-mile and half marathon pace, depending on the distance of the workout. What […]