The Running Group is powered by its fantastic running/walking mentors. Between them they have completed 100’s of half/full marathons. In fact, one of them has 100+ of each by himself covering the entire globe. Your ultra-mentoring team come’s up strong also with 50k-100 milers. We are honored to have such obviously qualified people in our ranks, to help assist you with your walking and running journeys.

From the moment a person makes a decision and completes their first run/walk they know that running and walking are not just sports, but that they can be truly trans-formative experiences. For the past several years we have individually been on journeys to share a passion for fitness with others; especially those just starting out. We are completely fortunate to be given this opportunity to make such an impact on so many lives throughout the greater Nor-Cal area, and we can’t wait to help you get started.  

Our goal is to help you attain your fitness goals; and, make sure you get them in a safe and healthy way.

We offer safe, focused and proven training programs coupled with experienced mentors. Mentors that workout with you, supervised small group workouts and continuous education.

Everyone gets their First Season Free! That’s right. We are so confident in our program that we offer you a complete season free of charge. Come out and get your workout on with us.

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