Premier Running and Walking Training Group  

Our Programs

Training for beginning runners and walkers, to marathon and half training Folsom CA. A premier Folsom running group.

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Thinking of getting out there on a Saturday morning and going for a nice walk with some friends. Maybe thinking of training for a 10k. Or you could be ready to make the transition to a little running, but not sure how.


You are looking for some new running friends. Just getting back into running; perhaps, you are ready to train for a half or full marathon. Is this your year for a Boston qualifier? We have programs for all levels.

Trails & Ultra’s

Is it time to leave the roads behind you? Is the dirt calling to you? Is a marathon not enough anymore? Learn to stay on your feet, and enjoy places where only your feet can take you. Are you ready?


Can you remember saying things like? “Someday I am going to start working out.” “Someday I am going to start eating healthier.” “Someday I will do the things I need to.” Your wait is over, someday is today!

Our Venues


905 Leidesdorff St Folsom, CA Saturday &  Stairs


       2001 Nimbus Rd. Gold River, CA     Hill Repeats & Aid Station


          10 College Pkwy Folsom, CA             Track Workouts

Our Seasons



The 25-week session that starts with a buildup phase of 6-8 weeks. Then members are making choices to continue building, half-marathon or marathon. The good news is that we all still continue to train together.


The 16-week session is where many are focusing on building their speed and working shorter distances. Most are gearing towards local spring time 5k’s & half marathons.



Trails & Dirt

This is your answer if you are hearing the call of the wild. Step by step instruction in how to stay on your feet and following the trails. Members head out in to surrounding foothills and explore scenic paths through various venues.

Ultras Up

Ok, so a marathon is just not enough for you anymore. Well then go ultra! Distances from 50k-100 miles; of course, you would expect that we would make it tougher. So we train you on these long runs up in the foothills.